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Custom Fences
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Finishing a property in style with fencing and gates complements a home’s exterior. A well-chosen fence and gate can set a welcoming tone for any property and establish property lines accurately.

Privacy is an important issue for most homeowners, and fencing can offer a secluded feel, or block an unwanted view in many different ways. Closely laid styles may be an obvious option, but using more open woodwork in combination with greenery can provide the same private feel and contribute beautiful character to the home.

Whether you are looking for the peace of mind of a utilitarian fence around a pool or to complete the look of a well-landscaped home with a more decorative style, we install fencing in a variety of materials:

  • Wood (Cedar, Pine, Brown Pressure Treated)
  • PVC
  • Composite
  • Wrought iron

A custom build every time.
Choose from a variety of features


Fences also serve as a great sound barrier to the rest of the neighbourhood.

Style it your way

Be different! Let’s customize a fence unique to your landscape. We offer a variety of styles to choose from to compliment your home design and aesthetic.

Pool safety

Separate the property into sections and limit access to keep the pool area safe for children.


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